I am out in outer space

And have been floating here for hours.

I cannot get back to the fading spaceship.

My air is growing less and

the umbilical cord has snapped.

“Calm down” a voice is saying

But I cannot comprehend who’s talking anymore.


Below me on the mother planet

Everyone is thinking.

Come on, dear astronauts!

Let’s save Robi Balogh!

My heart is beating very fast,

And the eyes of the world are on me.

But hope is dying, because

noone has a good idea.


The space accident is done,

And there is nothing to do.

I am orbiting Earth,

and my grave will be the nothing.

I am staring at the satellites,

While waiting for death.

And I am trying to wake up.

(Maybe it’s all a nightmare!).


I am floating weightlessly

Far far away from my home

And I am afraid to die

From the radiation

And even though I’m wearing

The most modern protective gear.

I know that my time is running out,

And I may never return home


I am staring at the blue globe,

And saying goodbye to everyone

I am aware of dying

Doesn’t even matter why.

Why did I become an astronaut?

Why did I leave Earth?

My body, and my soul

Went up to the skies high above.


I am floating in the nothing and

Aimlessly drifting away

A voice is creaking. Can barely hear it.

I ask, are you speaking to me?

-We have a plan. We figured out how to save you!

Like it or not? That is the question.

You must decide.


The plan is not without danger.

We have turned the ship around.

And we are on our way to you

And we are pressing the remote control

and if we are close enough

We’ll lift you in with the robot arm

But , as we said, there could be trouble.

Our plan is not without danger!


Slowly, they lift me in

And though dying a little,

I arrive at the spaceship of hope.

They are cheering for me down on Earth,

The reaper hasn’t found me yet.

But no matter! It’s over now!

Houston, I am alive. Let’s go home!

© Minden jog fenntartva.